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First Decision Education (hereinafter referred to as ‘First Decision’) is an agency that provides international education services. It aims to employ highly efficient educational methods to its unique courses supported by cutting-edge facilitating technologies to provide educational products and services for students of different age groups from adults down to preschool children. Leveraging the leading private and public educational resources from China and foreign countries, and integrating the best of Chinese and western educational systems, we operate First Decision (international) schools and (international) kindergartens in China to achieve our own version of happy learning and our unique international education. We help the children to grow to their full potentials in the experience of happiness that flows from health, wisdom, and harmony!

First Decision Education was established in Beijing in 2003, with branches in San Francisco, London, and Kunming.

Management Team

Zou Jing
Tehyuan Wan, Ph.D
Phil Clinton

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